Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Papal Times

Pope John Paul appeared on the cover of Time Magazine some sixteen times during his twenty six year Pontificate.

Note how the media are mesmerised by John Paul Superstar in the early years but the mood changes in the mid-eighties and John Paul becomes an out-of-touch conservative.

But by 1994 John Paul is Man of the Year and there is a realisation that the pensioner with white socks might have something useful to say after all.

The Jubilee pilgrimage of the Year 2000 catches the imagination of the media but is a prelude to the Long Lent of 2002.........and finally the unforgettable days of April 2005.....

October 1978 - Habemus Papam

June 1979 - First Visit to Poland

October 1979 - The Pope comes to America

May 1981- Assassination Attempt

June 1982 - Papal Visit to United Kingdom

March 1983 - Pope in Central America

June 1983 - Pope visits Martial Law Poland

January 1984 - Pope forgives Agca

February 1985 - Dealing with dissent

September 1987 - Second Visit to United States

February 1992 - The Hidden History of Our Time

December 1994 - Man of the Year

January 1998 - Papal Visit to Cuba

April 2000 - Jubilee Pilgrimage to Holy Land

April 2002 - Scandal

April 2005 - Rest in Peace, Rise in Glory

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